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I have a very demanding job which requires me to make lots of decisions during the day and to frequently switch between tasks.

After years of thriving in this environment, was increasingly finding it difficult to concentrate and my brain felt on overload. I was forgetting to do things, frequently couldn’t remember conversations, and I found myself yawning through meetings. Overall I felt I was experiencing brain fog where I reached maximum brain capacity. My performance at work was suffering and i was finding it difficult to cope.
I came across neurofeedback in a Sunday Times magazine. The author highlighted a number of cases where brain function and mood had been improved following a course of neurofeedback training. I was lucky enough to find Gillian operating in Edinburgh, booked myself in and haven’t looked back since. I have found the sessions both enjoyable and really helpful. My brain fog has lifted, my ability to cope with stress has improved, I no longer yawn through meetings and my memory has improved. I couldn’t recommend Gillian more.
V. Edinburgh

I have recently completed a course of neurofeedback with you to help address issues I have from adult ADHD.

Firstly I want to say how much I enjoyed the exercises. In the same way that a good workout at the gym leaves my body feeling tired but energised, so the neurofeedback sessions made my brain feel used but crisper. A huge benefit was that I never felt bored whilst doing the exercises, which for an ADHD adult is a big plus.
As a university student, I was struggling not with the content of the course but the concentration, organisation and motivation required to get to classes and complete assignments. I am now able to keep on top of my studies and am working towards a first. This would have been unthinkable 6 months ago.
My sleep is so much improved and my waking up time so much decreased that you have given me an extra 2-3 hours EVERY day. I use some of this time to remember the fun I had working with you.
A big thankyou for your help. I have tried many interventions over the years and had despaired of finding a long term solution. Yet here it is.
A. Aberdeen

Both my husband and adult children have ADHD. I have spent years trying to find a solution to their problems. Medication worked for a time, ADHD coaching was beneficial, education was invaluable and the support of others in a similar situation kept us sane. But neurofeedback is the only thing which seems to me to address the root of the problem, rather than the symptoms.

I was anxious initially about starting the program, but after your first assessment, you described my son, having looked at his brain activity, in the same words which I use having known him since he was born. This, and your apparently encyclopaedic knowledge of neurofeedback, gave me complete confidence. You were able to explain to me what the exercises were doing and how they would help and in a very short time, we all saw the improvements. It seems that the more neurofeedback, the faster the improvement. Our home life has improved dramatically. The addictions are a thing of the past, communication is a joy and we ALL go to bed and sleep through the night. Everyone, including me, is so much happier. What a brilliant result. Thank you so much.
P. Edinburgh
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