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Neurofeedback sessions take place at the Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy, 11 Home Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9JR, 0131 229 1077. Coaching is by phone or by Skype.

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Neurofeedback in action

The first stage in neurofeedback treatment at Edinburgh Neurofeedback is an individual assessment.  Brain activity is measured at different sites over your scalp and you are given different thinking tasks so that we start with a good baseline picture of your brain waves. The tasks are easy: remembering something, reading, listening, speaking, closing and opening your eyes. We complete your initial neurofeedback assessment with you in about one and a half hours and then your brain waves are studied in detail to tailor your neurofeedback treatment before your first session.

Neurofeedback treatment sessions

Neurofeedback treatment sessions last for about 45 minutes. During the first few minutes, several sensors are placed on your scalp using a gel to give them a good connection. Once your brain waves are being picked up clearly, the rest of the session is used to train your brain to produce the right type of waves for the task in progress. During neurofeedback therapy you will learn what kind of brain waves mean you are concentrating, daydreaming, worrying, working well, relaxing and so on. The sensors will pick up any change in brainwaves and feed them back to you in real time.

If you want to cut down daydreaming, for example, you can use the neurofeedback treatment sessions to visualize instantly your brain starts to send out the slower brain waves that daydreaming produces. You can then refocus until you see the faster, quicker brain waves return.

When having a neurofeedback training session, your brain activity can either be displayed on a computer screen or the brain activity monitor can be hooked up to a computer game or music player. The computer game will start or the music will play when the desired level of brain activity is reached. This type of neurofeedback treatment is very useful for children with ADD or ADHD. In order to carry on playing the game, or listening to the music, they must achieve focus. Only when their brain waves reflect this will the game or music restart, rewarding the child for better focus and attention.

When will I notice changes?

Most people find that neurofeedback treatment to tackle a specific problem takes a series of 20 or more sessions. Some people notice results in fewer sessions, others may need longer exposure to neurofeedback to get the maximum benefit. Think of it as “weight training for the brain” – that is the timescale for brain training.

Often one of the earliest effects is that your sleep improves. Most people notice this after 4-5 sessions, some even sooner, and then work towards their final goal with more confidence.

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